Welcome to AussieStudios!

We are a fursuit making business based in QLD Australia. AussieStudios has been up and running as a business since December 2019 and we have around 5 years of experience. Currently, we are a one-man show as Brianna also known as AussieKitten is the owner and director of AussieStudios.

Stay Tuned for Openings

Periodically, we'll have openings for our custom fursuit commissions. You can see above if we are open for commissions or if you follow our social medias you'll be notified as soon as we have any openings available.

If you are interested in getting a fursuit from us and you'd like to apply for an opening, please message us with your ref and the character you'd be liking for your fursuit. We don't necessarily work on a first come first serve basis but we are open to trying out new things!

If you are curious about any openings, feel free to check out our facebook page on the left.

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