Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about our business and fursuits.

Are your commissions currently open?

If you are curious about our current commission status, we update our status button next to the 'AussieStudios' logo at the top of the page accordingly. 


OPEN means that we have a slot or two open to accept, feel free to message us as we can discuss from there.


ON HOLD means that we have interested customers that have claimed the slot and we are waiting for some kind of payment to finalize their position, or we are responding to those on our mailing list to see if they are interested the any of the slots. 

CLOSED means that our quota is full and we are actively working on some commissions.

If we are on hold or closed and you are interested in a suit from us, feel free to send us a message on Twitter, or via our contact form/ email and we can add you to our mailing list if you are still interested.

We currently work on two suits at a time and open up as soon as one is nearing completion.

I'm under 18 but I would love a suit from you!

We are open to working with those who are under 18, but we require the payment to be done through a parent or caregiver. If you don't have anyone above 18 who can mediate the payment then I'd recommend that you wait until you are 18.

I have parts from another maker, can you refurbish/ edit them?

Typically we aren't comfortable with working with parts made by another maker, this may be a case by case basis. If you had other parts made by us, we would be more open to the idea.

I can't afford to pay the suit off fully now, are you open to Payment plans?

Of course, we are very open to payment plans.

We will be requiring a down payment of about $300 to $500 USD (This is set to vary depending on the amount of fur required and the number of fur colours). This downpayment will be used to purchase the main materials required to start the suit, mainly the fur to start off with. Then after, you can put down payments each month towards your suit. We aren't too picky as long as you have your suit paid off around the completion of it. If you can't make a payment that month, we are more than happy to wait but work on your suit will slow as we will be prioritizing those who have paid off their suits. However, we are open to discussing the amount that can be paid each month. Please don't hesitate to ask us.

Any kind of payment will secure your slot with AussieStudios.

How long do your suits take to make?

We don't like giving exact turnaround times as we can be working on another suit at the same time and situations can pop up (Illness, time off, delays for supplies).

We aim to make sure our suits take no longer than a year. We do provide updates along the way.

Why do you charge in USD if you are based in Australia?

We mainly charge in USD as it's a more universal currency and makes it easier to keep track of the fur ratio of our prices as we purchase our fur from the US.


We purchase fur from the US as they have the largest selection of high-quality furs while Australia doesn't have many large fur manufacturers at this time. 

Can I send you the fur from my current fursuit parts to use for my commission?

We can consider using fur provided by you, in fact we could slightly discount the price if you do. As long as you have enough fur remaining to complete the project we are open to the idea. The fur must be of decent quality though.

Are you able to ship to my country?

We can most certainly ship to most countries! Please note that there can be custom fees sometimes depending on where you are located.

Can you put a moving jaw on my suit?

Our suits are made from a foam base which makes adding a moving jaw difficult. We haven't had the opportunity to experiment with bases that can have a moving jaw. 

Maker 'x' is cheaper than you, can I get a discount?

No, we base our prices on the quality of materials we use, the amount of experience we have and the amount of labor put towards our suits. These prices also provide us with a living income and it's extremely disrespectful to try and impede on this.

It is inconsiderate to compare the prices of artists as they charge what they feel their art is worth along with the resources they use to make their craft and how much they need to live. Each artist has a unique style and shouldn't have their work compared.

Do you do single part commissions?

We can consider it however, it would be pricier as small amounts of fur are quite expensive to purchase compared to buying fur for a partial. 

We are more open to doing smaller bundles, such as a tail and handpaws or handpaws and feetpaws, or a body and tail.

If you are keen for a quote feel free to contact us.