Terms of Service

Please provide a reference of the desired character that includes the front, back, and at least one side view. This reference must clearly display the character's design, colours, and patterns to ensure an accurate creation of your fursuit. If the reference sheet doesn't clearly display the character's design, patterns or colours they may be accidentally left out. As a maker, artistic liberty may be taken to complete the character if the reference isn't clear or you may additionally commission a reference sheet from @AUSSIEKITTEN for $30+ USD. 

Currently, PayPal is the only form of payment we accept. Please note that a down payment must be made if the full commission price isn't made completely. If you choose to pay the full price upfront this down payment will be already paid off in the total payment.
As for payment plans, a down payment must be paid to cover materials (this amount will be further discussed with you directly, depending on your commission). Your commission will not be mailed out until you have paid off the fursuit in full.

NOTE: Suits that have been fully/ more paid off will take priority as no suit will be sent out until the full payment has been received. We like to prioritise suits that we believe would be paid off in time.

As of now, we currently only accept Payment Plans.


If our commission queue is full, you may still inquire about a quote for a suit. If you are happy with the quote, we will offer you a place on our waiting list. As we complete our current commissions we will notify in order all of the people on the list. If you are not interested or can't afford the suit at the time we will go down the list, if nobody on the list is able to commission at the time we will open public slots. 

Postage will be calculated based on where you are located, how fast you would like the commission, and how much is set to be sent out. This will vary greatly, meaning if you are located quite far from Australia this would make your postage cost more as well as wanting it quickly and if you would like insurance and a tracking number included. If you order a full suit, for example, the package will be bigger meaning it will cost more to be sent out. Please keep this in mind (we may also need two boxes if posting overseas). 

Only a minimum of 60% of the total can be refunded (making 40% of the total non-refundable) unless the commission hasn't been started or is in very early stages. Please don't commission us if you know that you might need to back out or require a refund. 
This saves time and stress on both parties and can ensure a smooth transaction.

If you decide to change the design of your character halfway through the commission, you may be required to pay an additional fee which will be decided based on how major or minor the change is. The bigger the change, the more it will cost to be implemented onto your fursuit.
If you decide you would like more pieces added (e.g. you order a partial and then want to make it into a full suit) you would only need to pay 
the additional amount that the body is worth.

Feel free to ask for updates in regards to the progress being made to your character but please don't ask every second, please only ask a minimum
of once a week as this can slow down progress if asked too frequently!

As for deadlines, we don't like to make solid dates of completion as obstacles can arise throughout the making process. If you have a specific time you must have the suit completed by then we could discuss options, like a fast-forward fee for your suit to take a bit more priority in the making process (we will still be working on other suits too!).

You must be 18 years or older to commission AussieStudios (If you are 18+, no parental consent required), if you are below 18 please get your caregivers who must be 18+ to complete the transaction for you. This rule is in place to protect both the commissioner and comissionee.

If your product from AussieStudios is not to your satisfaction once you have received it, AussieStudios has a 30-day warranty to make any repairs to the suit for free but postage must be paid by the buyer. This includes any mistakes made by the maker such as using the wrong colour, missing aspects of the characters pattern e.t.c. AussieStudios is not held responsible if there is any damage due to postage, or any self-inflicted cases. We try our best to ensure the package is well protected and is carefully shipped. Once in the hands of the postal services, we have no control as to how it is managed. If we find that you have intentionally damaged your suit we hold the right to deny free repairs. Any repairs that are self-inflicted or damages from general wear and tear after the 30 days can be fixed with a fee. Our suits are made to be long-lasting but basic maintenance is required, please refer to Cleaning and Maintenance.


AussieStudios holds the right to post images of your suit on our website and social media, the owner of the suit is also allowed to use these images. Any other parties do not have any right to use the images.


Please note that our workspace does come into contact with animals, we do however carefully store our projects away from their contact but their fur may have a chance of being around our projects from it being out of our control. We do make sure to keep our projects clean.


By commissioning AussieStudios, you automatically agree to the terms of service.

Updated: 17/10/2020 AEST 

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