Terms of Service

These are the Term of Service of AussieStudios, by commissioning us you automatically agree to them even if you haven't read them.


As each character can be considered unique, you'll need to inquire about a quote. This quote will help provide an approximation of how much your suit will cost. We do have a quote generator on here too to help give you a rough estimate.

As a basic guide to how much your suit will cost, here are some considerations;

  • Colours: Does your character have lots of different colours? Do they have small amounts of a particular colour? 

  • Markings: Do they have lots of stripes or patches? Does your character have lots of tiny markings?

  • Extra parts: Is there an extra tail? Are there horns or spikes of any kind?

Extra intricate features will raise the price as they require more work and materials. If your character has one or two colours and few markings you'd be looking at something closer to the base price.

For a quote we would be requiring a flatcoloured ref sheet (no shading please) or ref images, the minimum we need is images showing off all the marking of your character.

Quotes are subject to change, if they are older than 3 months old you'll need to get an updated quote.

*Please note we charge in USD please refer to FAQ for more info.


To secure a slot with AussieStudios some kind of payment must be made, this can either be a full payment or a downpayment. This downpayment can range from $350 USD to $500 USD, which is non-refundable as it's used towards purchasing the materials required to make your fursuit. All payments will be started in USD then be converted to AUD for square or PayID, if you would like to know how much your suit would be in your currency you can use a currency converter. Try typing (USD to 'Your currency here') into Google to get an approximate conversion to your local currency.


Square invoices are in AUD our native currency, they will equal the same amount in USD however when you are charged.

NEW: To Australians, we are also accepting PayID payments! This is our preferred transaction method.

At this time we only accept payments through Square and PayID.

As soon as you are happy to fulfill the commission we will make a starting downpayment invoice (square) or discuss the amount needed to be sent to our PayID email. After that, if through square we'll send invoices each time you are ready to pay or through PayID you can wither ask us for the email again or you could send it through to us, please notify us though as we need to know to help keep track.

Once the downpayment has been made we will start ordering the materials required for constructing your suit, you are free to pay as much as you like as long as it's a minimum $350 USD (this can be varied but is preferred) a month. This could be paid each week, fortnight or month. 

However suits that have been fully/ more paid off will take priority as no suit will be sent out until the full payment has been received. We like to prioritize suits that we believe would be paid off in time.

Duct Tape Dummies (DTD)

In regards to DTD's, we only require one if you order a half suit or full suit. Unfortunately, we don't offer the service of helping you make a DTD or get measurements in person due to safety reasons but we can help you and give you advice on how to get them and we don't work based on measurements as using a DTD is our preferred method to help ensure a good fit.

Mailing list

If we are on hold/ closed we can still give out quotes, if you are happy with your quote we will offer if you'd like to join our mailing list.

If you chose to join when an opportunity arrises when we open for a slot or two you will get first dibs on the slot, if you can't afford it at the time it will keep moving down the list in order untill we make it public.


We can ship to most countries.

Postage will be calculated based on where you are located, how fast you would like the commission, and how much is set to be sent out. This will vary greatly, meaning if you are located quite far from Australia this would make your postage cost more as well as wanting it quickly. If you order a full suit, for example, the package will be bigger meaning it will cost more to be sent out. Please keep this in mind (we may also need two boxes if posting overseas). 

All shipping prices given include insurance to ensure both parties are covered in the event of a suit being lost in the mail. We'll provide a tracking number as well as opt for signature on delivery to ensure safe delivery of your suit.

Also as for shipping prices, we prefer to calculate it at the end of making your suit to get the most accurate price, shipping can be upwards of $100 USD or more depending.

For other countries, we'd have to make more of an approximation


AussieStudios is not accountable for any customs fees that could be associated with getting your fursuit.

Cancellation and Refunds

Downpayments are nonrefundable for any reason, as mentioned above.

As for any remaining payments made, we do not accept refunds unless work has not been started. 

If you have paid in full and progress has been made on your suit we can refund for the amount of progress that has not been completed.

If you had partially paid and work has commenced on your suit, we can offer to mail the progress out to you at your cost. However, if you chose not to accept it we will keep the work we had done and adjust it as needed to make a premade suit from it, with no refund.

If no work has been made we can refund any payments made (except the nonrefundable downpayment).



If you wish to make any significant changes to your suit, you'll need to pay an extra fee. If the changes are small enough, they will be free. If they are major and require more materials or lots of extra work they will cost extra.

If there was an error on AussieStudios end we will make the fix for free.


Work in Progres and Deadlines

Feel free to ask for updates in regards to the progress being made to your character but please don't ask every second as this can disrupt workflow. As we finish each part of the suit we tend to send progress photos by default.

We don't like giving exact turnaround times as we can be working on another suit at the same time and situations can pop up. 

We aim to make sure our suits take no longer than a year, please note that all of these timeframes are only estimates.

PLEASE NOTE: If we don't get a measurement from you and we are waiting to continue your suit, your suit will be put on hold as it's impossible to continue without measurements. We strive to make sure our suits fit our customers. We don't like to guess.


Age limit

If you are below the age of 18 and are above 16 you will need a parent or caregiver to mediate the payments. We are very open to working with those under 18 as long as it's mediated.

Unfortunately, we can't work with anyone under 16.



If your product from AussieStudios is not to your satisfaction once you have received it, AussieStudios has a 30-day warranty to make any repairs to the suit for free but postage must be paid by the buyer. This includes any mistakes made by the maker such as using the wrong colour, missing aspects of the characters pattern e.t.c. AussieStudios is not held responsible if there is any damage due to postage, or any self-inflicted cases. 


We try our best to ensure the package is well protected and is carefully shipped. Once in the hands of the postal services, we have no control as to how it is managed.


If we find that you have intentionally damaged your suit we hold the right to deny free repairs. Any repairs that are self-inflicted or damages from general wear and tear after the 30 days can be fixed with a fee. Our suits are made to be long-lasting but basic maintenance is required, please refer to Cleaning and Maintenance.


Media Usage

AussieStudios holds the right to post images of your suit on our website and social media, the owner of the suit is also allowed to use these images. Any other parties do not have any right to use the images.

If you would like your suit to remain anonymous we can withhold photos to prevent any exposure at the commissioner's request, or we can also not tag you in any photos relating to your suit.



Please note that our workspace does come into contact with animals (mainly cats), we do however carefully store our projects away from their contact but their fur may have a chance of being around our projects from it being out of our control. We do make sure to keep our projects clean.



Last updated: 15/04/2022 AEST


Communication is key, between the maker and the customer. We always keep in contact with our clients and provide as much progress when available and respond to questions as needed. 

However, we hope for the same from our customers. Please keep us updated with important details that affect the suit-making process and if we ask for any details or measurements to let us know when you can. If we are ghosted we will provide warnings. If the ghosting persists without any explanation we hold the right to discontinue your project and either send the progress to you (if shipping had been paid) or we'll modify the suit and sell it. We like to complete our suits in a timely manner and we don't like to have our time wasted waiting for a response/ answer for months on end.